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Land Rover Discovery two button remote NE75

Key cut from the key code or a decent picture of an existing key.

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This is a two button remote key for the Land Rover Discovery used from 2000 to 2005.

It is complete with the following:

  • Remote two button case with battery terminals
  • Remote two button circuit board - 433.92 MHz for the UK and Europe
  • Lithium battery CR2032 3V

The key can be cut if required.

The key code will take the following format:

  • A letter T followed by six digits from the group 1, 2, 3 or 4.

For example: T114143 as shown below.

The key code is recorded on a black plastic tag like this:

Ford key code tag

This tag would have been attached to the keys when the car was new.

The key can be cut from the key code or two decent digital pictures of an existing key for the vehicle.

A picture like this taken from the top:

Ford cut key from top FO21T

And one like this taken from the side:

Ford cut key from side FO21T

If the key is cut from pictures the key code will be provided. If you ever require another key then one can be cut from this key code.

You can program additional keys into a Ford Connect from 2002 to mid 2007 using a manual procedure. To do this you must be in possession of two unique keys that start the vehicle. The transponder chip in one key can't be a copy or clone of the other.

The key programming procedure is available here:

Ford Connect 2002-2007 key programming

If you do not have two unique keys then a diagnostic machine plugged into the vehicle will be required. From mid 2007 a diagnostic machine is required.

Alternatively... if a key that starts the vehicle is brought or sent to us we have the facilities to copy the transponder chip within it onto a new one. The new key will then start the vehicle without any further programming being required. Email us at for further information.

You can program additional remotes into a Ford Connect from 2002 to 2013 using a manual procedure.

The remote programming procedure is available here:

Ford Connect 2002-2013 remote programming