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Alfa Romeo 146 key GT15RAT

Alfa Romeo 146 key GT15RAT
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This is a replacement key for the Alfa Romeo 146 used from 1995 to 2001. If your key is worn or damaged then this can be used to replace it. The key can be cut from the key code or a decent digital picture of an existing key for the vehicle.


Key Code

The key code will take the following format:

  • A letter W followed by a five digit number in the range 00001 to 09640.

For example: W01243 as shown below.

The key code is recorded on a card like this:

Alfa Romeo key code tag

This card should be located within the vehicle documentation wallet.


Key Cutting

The key can also be cut from a decent digital picture of an existing key for the vehicle.

A picture like this taken from the top:

Alfa Romeo 146 cut key from top GT15RAT

If the key is cut from a picture the key code will be provided. If you ever require another key then one can be cut from this key code.


Transponder Chip

If you have a worn or damaged key then the transponder chip can be transferred from your key and put into the new one. The new key will then start the vehicle.

The transponder chip goes here:

Alfa Romeo 146 key transponder location GT15RAT

The key can be supplied with a new transponder chip if required.


Key Programming

Additional keys with new transponder chips are programmed into an Alfa Romeo 146 from 1995 to 2001 using a diagnostic machine plugged into the vehicle.

Alternatively... if a key that starts the vehicle is brought or sent to us we have the facilities to copy the transponder chip within it onto a new one. The new key will then start the vehicle without any further programming being required. Email us at for further information.

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