Fiat Ducato key SIP22T

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This is a replacement key for the Fiat Ducato used from 2002 to 2016. It can be used to replace a worn or damaged key. The transponder chip can be transferred from your worn or damaged key and put into the new one.

The transponder chip goes here:

Fiat Ducato key transponder location SIP22T

The key can be cut if required.

Key Code

The key code will take the following format:

  • The letters DE followed by a five digit number in the range 00001 to 11210.

For example: DE11210 as shown below.

The key code is recorded on a card like this:

Fiat key code tag

This card should be located within the vehicle documentation wallet.

Key Cutting

The key can be cut from the key code or a decent digital picture of an existing key for the vehicle.

A picture like this taken from the top:

Alfa Romeo cut key from top SIP22T

If the key is cut from a picture the key code will be provided. If you ever require another key then one can be cut from this key code.

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2 Reviews:

Key code
16 February 2020  | 

Having rung my dealer for the key code for my Fiat Ducato based motorhome, I included this and a photo of my existing key on my key order. Keymoon obviously compared these, noted an inconsistency, cut the key in line with my photo rather than the code I had supplied and noted the correct key code on the invoice returned with the new key - it appears that the Fiat dealer had given me the incorrect key code! The new key works perfectly, and arrived in the post a mere 24 hours after I had ordered it!
Excellent and rapid service on the part of Keymoon - highly recommended!

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Fiat Ducato key
31 July 2019  | 

Key received, perfect fit. Excellent service all round. Thanks very much Gerad.

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